Congress Organisers

Congress Organisers

Cathy Dwyer

I  am Professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare at SRUC in Edinburgh, with research interests in maternal behaviour, offspring development, pain and welfare assessment (www.sruc.ac.uk/cdwyer). I have been a member of ISAE since 1995, attending my first Congress in Exeter, and have been to many ISAE Congresses since then. I have been a member of Council and was joint Regional Secretary for UK and Ireland from 2007 until 2014. I am chair of the Local Organising Committee for ISAE 2016, and also chair the Social Committee.  

Fritha Langford

I am a researcher in dairy cow behaviour welfare at SRUC and also the Programme Director of the online Masters in International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law. My main research interests include understanding dairy cow motivation and the welfare of cows at the end of their productive lives. I also work in the delivery and evaluation of animal welfare education. I have been a member of ISAE since 2000 and attended my first Congress in Davis, California (which was very exciting). I have presented work at both local ISAE regional meetings and international ISAE Congress. I am a member of the Local Organising Committee for ISAE 2016 and on the Social Committee too (mainly for the menu tasting!).

Mike Appleby

After teaching and research on farm animal behaviour and welfare at the University of Edinburgh – where I am still involved – I moved to the NGO sector and I am now Chief Scientific Adviser at World Animal Protection. I was a member of SVE from 1982, on the Council from 1987 and Secretary of ISAE from 1991-1995. I think I have been to 23 Congresses, and they get better every year. I am Anniversary Coordinator for ISAE 2016: bring your party clothes.

Laura Dixon

I am a research scientist in Animal Behaviour and Welfare at SRUC in Ayr, with research interests including motivation, hunger, feeding behaviour and abnormal behaviour (http://www.sruc.ac.uk/ldixon). I first became a member of ISAE in 2004 and have served as Communications Officer on the ISAE Council since 2012. I am part of the Local Organising Committee for ISAE 2016 and also am part of the Scientific Committee.  

Alistair Lawrence

I studied for my PhD under David Wood-Gush in the early 1980s, and since then have been researching and teaching applied animal behaviour and welfare.  I currently hold a joint chair in Animal Behaviour & Welfare with SRUC and the University of Edinburgh. Having mainly studied a range of negative welfare issues I am currently studying play behaviour in the context of positive welfare, and also young people’s perceptions of animals and their welfare. I have been a member of SVE/ ISAE since the 1980s and am a past Secretary to the Society. With Aubrey Manning I look after the David Wood-Gush Trust Fund that set up and supports the annual Wood-Gush lecture. For ISAE 2016 I am responsible with Marie Haskell for coordinating the Science programme

Vicky Sandilands

I am a senior behaviour and welfare scientists at SRUC’s Auchincruive campus.  My research interests are in housing and management of poultry that is sensitive to their needs while also being relevant in a commercial context (http://www.sruc.ac.uk/vsandilands).  I joined ISAE in 2002, and over the past 14 years I have taken on various roles within the society, including Editor, Junior and Senior Vice President, and President.  I am a member of the Local Organising Committee also one of the authors of ISAE’s 50th Anniversary book ‘Animals and Us: 50 Years of Applied Ethology’.  I look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh!

Simon Turner

I am a researcher at SRUC where I study the causes and consequences of individual differences in social behaviour. My particular interest is in the role that selective breeding may play in improving animal welfare by selection against problematic social behaviour. I also help to coordinate the communication of research findings to farmers and others. I am the current ISAE regional secretary for the UK/Ireland region and a member of the Scientific Committee for the International meeting in 2016.

Natalie Waran 

Nat is an applied scientist by training, and an educationalist at heart. She describes her research and education interests as being in the field of ‘One Welfare’ – the relationship between animal and human health and welfare, an interdisciplinary area combining aspects of; social sciences, health and veterinary sciences with education, ethics and law. As the inaugural Director of the recently established Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education at Edinburgh University, she has developed international networks, including working partnerships with overseas Governments, Universities, Professional bodies and INGOs, to develop and deliver innovative capacity building initiatives for improving the quality of life for animals and the people that rely on them. Combined with her joint role as the University of Edinburgh’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies’ Associate Dean (International), Nat has considerable experience working in many different parts of the world. In September this year she will be returning to live and work in New Zealand, so this ISAE conference provides a great way for her to connect with old friends and ex students before leaving!

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