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Instrutctions for Poster Presenters and Oral Presenters:

Please note that for oral presentations, Powerpoint in 4:3 format would be best.

Oral Presenters

Poster Presenters

Virtual Poster Presentations at ISAE 2016, Edinburgh

Please download the templates to submit a Visual Poster Presentation 



Release Form

Due to the high number of submitted presentations we know that some people who wanted an oral presentation ended with a poster instead. Virtual Poster Presentations are an opportunity to give your work at ISAE more exposure.

A virtual poster presentation is a short (no more than 4 minutes) prerecorded powerpoint which will play on screens at the congress. There is also the option of hosting them on the SRUC Animal Behaviour and Welfare Team’s YouTube channel  You can view an example of this by looking at the Virtual Poster Presentation Instructional videos here: https://youtu.be/j_KuuIGidHg and here: https://youtu.be/QIH4ijYGzTI

All virtual poster presentation videos will be played on screens during the conference. Videos which you want to be hosted online will also remain on the channel indefinitely for you to link to and use as you wish. The online videos will also be distributed to the ISAE Congress attendants prior to the start of the Congress.

What Do You Need To Know?

Virtual Poster Presentations are entirely voluntary.

  • We want to try and give the ISAE posters more exposure, but we don’t want to make anyone do something they don’t want to.

Virtual Poster Presentations do not replace the printed poster.

  • You must still bring a traditional printed poster along to the conference. Virtual Poster Presentations

If you choose for your presentation to be put on YouTube, it will be publicly available

You will need to sign the consent and release form to indicate that you understand what this means. Basically anyone with the link will be able to view your video. This means you can’t say anything that is protected under intellectual property laws (for example, if your work has an industry sponsor, you will need their prior approval). Think of this like Elsevier’s Audioslides (as in ISAE’s journal, Applied Animal Behaviour Science) or like a tweet about your research.

We will not be enabling comments on any of the videos. The Scientific Committee will also have ‘oversight’ over whether a video is appropriate to be hosted on YouTube.

Do I need to be careful about what I say?

  • Yes and no. We won’t put anything on YouTube that we think will cause you problems, but you do need to think about your privacy and whether you want your work seen in a public forum.
  • All videos hosted on YouTube will run with the following disclaimer:

All views and opinions expressed in this video belong to the presenter and do not necessarily reflect those of ISAE, the hosting institutes, the author’s institute or co-authors. Virtual Poster Presentations

Is YouTube the best place for this?

  • We’re not sure, but we’ve had some good success putting research on YouTube. The ISAE promotional video is our third most popular video on the channel and we think it would be a great way to widen access both to our research and the values of ISAE.

Okay – I want to do it. What next?

  • Great! Next you either record a PowerPoint presentation (See here for a quick example) or a video. We have supplied a powerpoint template but the only slide you must use for both powerpoints and video is the first standard introduction slide.

Your powerpoint must:

  • Start with the standard introduction slide featuring your abstract’s name, author list and number in the assigned text boxes.
  • Have no more than five slides (including the standard introduction slide)
  • Contain no animations
  • The full narration cannot be longer than 4 minutes.
  • Include the name of your institution (we recommend the final slide, but any slide apart from the standard introduction slide is fine)
  • NOT Contain your email address or office address. This is for your own safety.

Your powerpoint may:

  • Be in your institution’s colours/templates (as long as the first slide is the standard introduction slide)
  • Feature pictures of yourself/your team if you want people to come along to find at the congress.
  • Feature Twitter handles/blogs/etc.

We will not upload anything that we feel is inappropriate for YouTube (i.e. contains identifying information). Therefore we will alert you to any issues we foresee with your video. Virtual Poster Presentations

I’d prefer doing a video like some of the other materials on the channel

As an alternative you may record a presentation video, but this may be rejected for Quality Control issues. You can see a how-to video here

Tips for video:

  • You can record with a phone, webcam or digital camera
  • Try to record in a quiet environment (you can experiment with off-camera mics as demonstrated in the video)
  • Be aware of what’s behind you – no passwords for your network, no photos of your kids, no cows doing anything a bit risqué!
  • You will need your introduction slide filled out but we will insert that for you into the video
  • Any additional editing you will need to do yourself
  • The video cannot be longer than 4 minutes.

Email Jill (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to discuss further.

Once your PowerPoint or video is recorded, fill out the attached release form.

Send the release form via email and the PowerPoint/video via dropbox/YouSentIt/equivalent to Jill MacKay (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by the 26th June, 23:59 BST.

Recordings will not be accepted without a completed release form.


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